We translate your vision into a stunning CGI model and photo-realistic imagery.

Our specialist design team create stunning CGIs and 3D Visualisations within budget and on time for architects, property developers, city planners, commercial and residential estate agents, investors and private individuals.

CGI and 3D Visualisations are considered to be the ‘go to’ solution for architects, developers and anyone wishing to share their visions and ideas to the wider market. Property CGIs and 3D Visualisations are the modern alternative to the water colour painting previously painted by local artists or illustrators.

Our highly qualified design team have an in depth knowledge of architecture and interior design and have produced both CGIs and 3D visualisations for some very high profile developments in urban environments and by contrast in village and rural locations. Clear communication and a shared vision is the key to producing a clear strategy and ultimately delivering photo-realistic 3D imagery of your project.

It’s now entirely possible to showcase a property or entire development to overseas markets long before the first brick has been laid. CGIs and 3D visualisations can be used across all forms of media including off plan sales, brochures, websites, billboards / hoardings and of course help to attract investment in order to realise your aims and aspirations.

Architects & Property Developers CGIs

Compelling CGIs and 3D Visualisations will help broadcast your creative vision to a global audience, allowing you to sell your concept to decision makers and project stakeholders.

3D Planning Permission CGIs

Boost your chances to secure planning permission with persuasive CGIs and 3D Visualisations that will help you convince stakeholders and decision makers.


The perfect product to showcase a proposed building in context.  Photomontages are created to effortlessly blend a real time still images with dynamic CGIs and 3D Visualisations. Our experienced property photographers will work alongside you and our specialist design team to perfectly capture the desired view, creating a more convincing and effective image.

Residential & Commercial Interior CGIs

Our CGI team will use props and their knowledge of set design to create a lifestyle, convey emotion and aspiration through the use of subtle lighting and rich content.

Estate Agents and Marketing CGIs

Commission our outstanding CGIs and 3D Visualisations to showcase a property long before the very first brick has been laid to secure buyers, attract ‘Buy to Let’ investors, drive sales and generate more instructions.

Interior and exterior 3D Animations

3D Animations are the perfect way to take your audience on a virtual journey bringing your development or building to life. We will capture attention through motion, inspirational environments, live action and create the most photo-realistic 3D animations available.

Our contribution doesn’t have to stop once your vision has been translated into photo-realistic 3D imagery. Our graphic design team have the experience, creativity and inspiration to turn your CGIs and 3D Visualisations into many forms of printed media.

Property CGIs, 3D Visualisations and 3D Animations in 4 simple steps

1. Contact us by email or telephone 0203 905 60 99 to get a quote;
2. A member of our design team will discuss your project with you and will send you a written quotation
3. We will then start the modelling of your CGI and send you drafts as we proceed;
4. Upon approval, the final CGIs or 3D Visualisations or 3D Animations will be sent to you.
It’s as easy as that!

Cgi of a contemporary house - dining room

CGIs, 3D Visualisations and 3D Animations Q&A

Q: What is a CGI?
A: Computer-generated imagery (CGI for short) is the application of computer graphics to create or contribute to images in art, printed media, video games, films, television programs, commercials, videos, and simulators. (cit. Wikipedia)

Q: What do you require to create CGIs, 3D Visualisations and 3D Animations?
A: Ideally we will need floor plans, elevations and sections of the building. We can work with 2D / 3D models created in the most common programs such as AutoCAD, Revit, 3DS Maz, SketchUp, etc. Scaled PDF or paper drawings can also be used. We will also need a list of materials you are intending to use.

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